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    I bid Forit investment in Pakistan hydropower project
    Release date:2015-02-25 Clicks:450 Article author:

    To celebrate our company won the bid of Voith tower Bella project!

    According to the "Economic Daily" news: Forit recently signed with Pakistan tower Bella Hydropower hydropower station expansion contract, the total contract amount of about 200 million euros. Among them, Francis turbine, 3 generators and power station auxiliary system of Voith hydro Shanghai will for the project to provide 3 stand-alone capacity of 470 thousand kilowatts; Germany Voith hydro will provide electrical equipment and automation components of power plant auxiliary system in the project.

    It is reported that the tower Bella hydropower station expansion will help alleviate the Pakistan power shortage, and reduce dependence on imported fuel power, improve the power supply structure.

    Electroslag casting turbine blade production and machining services of our company for the project will be provided for the entire project.